1. 1.Tremendous pain and suffering of patients can be saved.
    2. 2.The right to die should be a fundamental freedom of each person.
    3. 3.Patients can die with dignity rather than have the illness reduce them to a shell of their former selves.
    4. 4.Health care costs can be reduced, which would save estates and lower insurance premiums.
    5. 5.Nurse and doctor time can be freed up to work on savable patients.
    6. 6.Prevention of suicide is a violation of religious freedom.
    7. 7.Pain and anguish of the patient's family and friends can be lessened, and they can say their final goodbyes.
    8. 8.Reasonable laws can be constructed which prevent abuse and still protect the value of human life.
    9. 9.Vital organs can be saved, allowing doctors to save the lives of others.
    10. 10.Without physician assistance, people may commit suicide in a messy, horrifying, and traumatic way.