1. It's wrong to just gie up.
2. Life is precious and assisted suicide devalues human life.
3. If the patient is in a comatose state, the family have to decide if mercy killing is the right choice and what that patient wanted.
There's a chance that the patient wanted to live.
4. Some teenagers want to commit suicide and they could have access to it. They're too young to die.
5. "Dr. Death" also known as Jack Kevorkian went to jail.
6. Advanced medical technology made it possible to enhance human life span and quality of life.
7. Doctors cannot predict the period of death and whether remission or recovery is possible.
8. Unbalanced thought process could cause someone to say yes to assisted suicude.
9. Public will lose it's confidence in medical profession if physicians get into the business of helping people kill themselves.
10. Many religions prohibit suicide and intentional killing of others.